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Save the Date! October 27th Book Launch for Krampus and the Kolaches

Thanks to my amazing support group, we’ll be doing a virtual book launch for Krampus and the Kolaches on October 27th at 7 pm.

Want to be entered in a contest to win a special book launch party bag? Sign up for my newsletter, and I’ll pick at least two lucky folks during the event to send a Krampus ornament craft kit and kolaches, just for you.

Want to win a free Kindle code for a copy of Krampus and the Kolaches? Sign up for my newsletter, and I’ll pick two names during the event.

What Do We Actually Do During a Book Launch?

We will make Krampus ornaments and talk about the origins of Krampus and the Kolaches while snacking and sipping on some of the treats mentioned in this novella. I might even read a little bit of the story to everyone. We’ll see.

Food: We will be sipping on brandy coffee, magic hot cocoa, burritos, chocolate-chocolate cupcakes, and of course, kolaches. Join us with your favorite beverage and snack!

What costume will you wear? Krampus might make an appearance, and I will likely dress like one of the characters in the book . Please dress up in a Halloween costume to join in on the spirit of the event: bonus points if you’re dressed as a ghost or a Christmas caroler!

COVID Safety: All the wonderful people who will join us at this event will be vaccinated, so we won’t be wearing masks unless necessary. That said, if the weather permits, we’ll be filming outside.

Why have an online book launch? Well, beyond the ever-present pandemic, Krampus and the Kolaches is in eBook format only, and it just feels right doing it this way.

I can’t wait to see you there!



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