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Pokemon and Pitching

My mind has been full of the PNWA’s summer conference as of late. Today is load in and the heat is on! Pretty exciting.

On a funny note, I told my PNWA co-lead that I finally finished reading STORM FRONT. She was like, “No, you are kidding me. That book is sooooo old.” So yeah. I’m a little behind the times, so sue me. Wait no, don’t. Anyway! I’m excited to share my thoughts on it with you guys. That one I’ll post on 7/31, so as not to spoil it for those of you racing to the finish line to join us in our discussion. To draw you in, if you haven’t begun yet, its basically a paranormal action adventure beach read. If someone had the time, they could easily knock it out in 2 days. So good.

Now some of you have probably been playing Pokemon Go – okay, who am I kidding, I think almost everyone is playing. Its been pretty awesome seeing everyone outside going for walks everywhere I go. They aren’t the most social folk, so when we do our customary “Howdy neighbor,” as they pass by (while I’m out walking with the The Husband who is playing) the fear in their eyes amuses me.

Kind of reminds me of writers and the conference coming up.That deer in the headlights look is pretty much the norm being so many writers are introverts. I’m wondering how many people I’ll see there trying to catch Pokemon or searching for Pokestops. It will be entertaining for sure.

Every year when I’m gearing up to go to the PNWA conference I find myself obsessing over something different. Almost every year its my pitch (what you try to sell your book with) and my clothes. Even once it was my mascara. ‘Cause you know, eyelashes sell books. Ha ha. This year its bras, nail polish and hair product. Which makes no logical sense if you think about it. But I gave in to my bra obsession and plan on doing the same with hair product and nail polish in the near future. The rest I’m not so worried about. Just wait, I’ll go into full on panic mode on Saturday when its time. Or maybe, just maybe I’ll take up Pokemon Go and stand in line playing instead of worrying about how my pitch will be received.

Sounds like a good alternative.

I’ll let you know how that goes ;-).

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