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Lily Sees Dead People

by JD Douwes

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Genre: Paranormal, Coming of Age

Lily, a paranormal internet personality, has been hanging out with ghosts since she was orphaned in a car accident as a child. Unable to accept that she was the only survivor, she’s come to prefer the dead to the living. Capitalizing on her gift to see beyond the veil, she livestreams her solo graveyard ghost hunts, only to discover the last wish of her ghostly best friend, Rue.

Lily needs to figure out how to bring Rue together with her eighteen-year-old daughter one last time. But in doing so, Lily will have to learn how to brave the land of the living, starting with her co-worker Dom, who has her wondering if maybe a relationship with someone other than a ghost might not be so bad. 

A story of friendship and learning to let go of those who have moved on, this one is sure to yank your heartstrings.

Novella Available in ebook format at:

Krampus and the Kolaches

by JD Douwes

Genre: contemporary fairytales, dark irreverent humor and holiday romance

Khalie, an avid Krampus-ofile, finally has her chance to sing at a Christmas Caroling Competition. With her loser boyfriend dressed as Krampus and her ghost-hunting friends at her side, what could go wrong? Except, her friend's juvenile delinquent kid keeps running away and messing everything up for Khalie, and it looks like a forecast of snow might put a damper on things. It's going to take a little bit of magic and a strong belief in fairytales for Khalie to find her Happily Ever After.

Novella Available in ebook format at:
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